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Gafcon 2018
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Employer: Jonah's Call Anglican Church (Pittsburgh, PA)

Full Time

Closes: When position is filled


Matthew Whipple .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Job Summary:

Jonah’s Call Anglican Church is seeking a Rector to join our parish’s Gospel movement to bring flourishing to the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are seeking a Rector who can begin his or her service in the first half of 2018, preferably in early spring. We are open to full time and part time candidates, with a preference for a full-time Rector. We ask interested candidates to review the profile at the link below as background regarding our parish and the qualities we are seeking in a new Rector, but we also encourage candidates to review our website at Jonah’s Call Anglican Church

See position details here: Jonah's Call Rector Search