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Deliverance Ministry Conference


June 5-7, 2018 the Society of Special Pastoral Intervention will hold a conference on the topic of spiritual warfare titled “Deliverance in Anglican Pastoral Ministry.”

The conference will be hosted by the Diocese of Quincy, and held at Trinity Anglican Church in Rock Island, Illinois.

The Society for Special Pastoral Intervention is made up of bishops, clergy, and laity from around the Anglican Church in North America who seek to assist the Church in deliverance ministry.  The Society is chaired by the Rt. Rev. Donald (Don) F. Harvey a bishop in the Anglican Network in Canada.

Speakers at this year’s conference will present lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including: post-millennial spirituality, Church history and deliverance ministry, the relationship between mental and physical illness and spiritual attack, preparing for deliverance ministry,  the pastoral care of victims and deliverance ministers.

The conference has limited space available and is noted to be “initial and continuing education for Bishop-authorized lay and clergy deliverance ministers and ministers-in-training.”

For more information, visit the conference website at