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Learn How to Livestream Worship and Run Meetings Online


Livestreaming worship and holding online meetings are two timely topics as congregations and dioceses navigate the days ahead. 

Below are free resources provided by Anglican leaders to help take some of the mystery out of the technology and the processes:

1) Webinar: Lessons Learned about Online Synods and Vestry Meetings

Within the Anglican Church in North America, the C4SO Diocese has been a pioneer in conducting online meetings. Canon to the Ordinary in the diocese, The Rev. Canon Kimberley Pfeiler, shared some of the lessons they have learned and the technology they use to facilitate successful online meetings.

You can watch the video of the webinar here:

The PowerPoint is here.

During the call, two resources were mentioned. helps you test the upload and download speed of your internet connection.  SurveyMonkey is the tool that C4SO has used to tabulate votes.

2) Webinar: How to Livestream a Worship Service to Facebook

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV gave a presentation on how to livestream worship to Facebook:


3) Inexpensive Church Livestreaming

A Facebook page has been setup to facilitate more conversation and sharing. It is called, “Inexpensive Church Livestreaming” and can be found here.

More resources will be added to both this page and the Facebook page the days ahead, so bookmark these links, and check back from time to time.